Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge Returns to Edinburgh Fringe

D8AC1CDD-02CF-473F-A11D-636DBC8F4495Yes folks, from Thursday 7th August to  10th August 2014 the wonderful Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge makes a very welcome return to the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year the Carnival is bigger and better with a  packed programme of interesting diversions and entertainments such as:

  • Burke and Hare day with Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation:

Join renowned purveyors of the peculiar Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation as they host a series of fascinatingly macabre events and discussions on Scotland’s greatest serial killers Burke and Hare. From a psychoanalysis of the men behind the death masks in ‘Portrait of a serial killer’, to The Art of Voodoo and an Anthropomorphic Mouse Taxidermy Workshop this gruesome yet enthralling day is not to be missed. Sunday 10th August 1-9:30pm (free admission for various shows, tickets £12 otherwise including a delightful cocktail)

  • The Universe inside your head – a day of discovery with Guerilla Science

Prepare to be delighted and inspired as Guerilla Science host a day of dynamic discoveries and endless possibilities. From a Jelly Brain Dissection to The Power of Smell and a bizarre look at Zombies I have known and loved, this day of fascinating findings might leave you more baffled than when you arrived.!Saturday 9th August 1-10pm, (free admission for various shows, tickets £12 otherwise including a delightful cocktail)

  • Canongate presents Curious Stories for Curious Minds

Celebrated publishers Canongate will be bringing a day of literary nourishment for the curiously-minded. From a workshop on how to Create your own Comic to a discovery of the dark and macabre sides of our minds in Fear and Loathing, Canongate will provide fictitious fuel with their host of Curious Stories for Curious Minds. Thursday 7th August 12-5:30pm, (free admission for various shows, tickets £12 otherwise including a delightful cocktail)

  • Distinguished creators of intriguing discussion 5×15 have produced a high-octane day of enlightening and inspirational spoken word. From a look at the bizarre stories and specimens of the world’s weirdest creatures at the Carnival of Curious Animals or revealing the softer side of hard-man Ernest Hemingway in Pillow Talk and Sweet Nothings, 5×15 will bring speakers from diverse backgrounds to reveal their most innovative ideas and abiding passions.Friday 8th August 1-9:15pm, (tickets £12 including a delightful cocktail)
  • (and last but certainly not least) Hendrick’s Parlour Bar:Nourish both your mind and your taste buds in Hendrick’s Parlour Bar. Unusual characters, eye-opening wisdom and exquisite cocktails await the curiously-minded. Join us and reawaken your spirit of curiosity in the decadent One Royal Circus! Be seated and enjoy luxuriant libations served by some of the world’s finest bartenders. Thursday 7th August – Sunday 10th August, from 12-11pm (free admission, capacity 40)

Commenting on HENDRICK’S at Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Duncan McRae, HENDRICK’S British Ambassador, said: “After a most delightful time last year we are thrilled to be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with Hendrick’s Carnival of Knowledge. Guests at the Carnival can expect to have their minds tickled and expanded through attending one of our intriguing lectures and their thirsts quenched with decadent cocktails from our cocktail bars. With such a variety of incredible entertainments on offer, Hendrick’s Gin contribution to this years’ Festival will be a riotous experience of knowledge and entertainment for lovers of Gin and literature everywhere.”


For information on HENDRICK’S CARNIVAL OF KNOWLEDGE, visit: www.hendricksgin.com/carnivalofknowledge to reserve places and book tickets, register at www.edinburghfringe.org 

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