Hendrick’s Lucky 13 Cocktail at Bramble

Following the unveiling of Hendrick’s spectacular 13th Day of Christmas window at Peckham’s in  Edinburgh, Bramble have created a ‘Lucky 13’ winter warming cocktail to celebrate this most unusual display.

Lucky 13

  • 125ml Hendricks Gin
  • 125ml hard apple cider
  • 125ml fresh pumpkin puree
  • 125ml pressed apple juice
  • 125ml vanilla sugar syrup (to taste)
  • Bouquet garni*

Bring all ingredients to simmer until hot through and leave on the hob for around 20minutes. Serve warm

Glass: Hendrick’s teacup

Garnish: 3 drops of Betters Bitters No.13* and a ginger snap on the side

*Bouquet garni comprising of 1 x cinnamon stick, 1 x clove, 1 x star anise,  2 x pressed juniper berries, 1 x pressed cardamom pod tied in a muslin.

*Betters Bitters No.13 are made in house with roasted pumpkin seed, chocolate, rosewater and other integral ingredients…

This recipe serves five

Try it at Bramble Bar, Edinburgh

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