Plymouth Navy Strength Gin is made in the same way as Plymouth Gin with the same combination of botanicals distilled in a copper pot still with neutral grain spirit. It is then bottled at a heavyweight 57% abv (114 proof).

Plymouth Navy Strength is steeped in the tradition of the British Royal Navy who were Plymouth Gin’s biggest customers in the eighteenth century since neighbouring Devonport was a Royal Navy Base. No Navy ship ever left port without Plymouth Gin aboard.

This alcoholic strength is not one you see often and dates from the system of measuring alcohol by percentage proof derived from Royal Navy practice. For many years the lower ratings in the Navy were issued with a daily tot of rum. It was often suspected that the spirit had been watered down and, to test the alcohol, a mixture of gunpowder and rum was placed on deck and lit. If it burnt with a clear blue flame this was ‘proof’ that no water had been added. Failure to light or a smoky flame were sure signs that the spirit had been adulterated. Eventually ‘proof’ became 100 degrees proof, a completely illogical measurement of just over 57% alcohol by volume. Plymouth Gin then supplied the Royal Navy gin at 57% abv because, if it happened to spill on gunpowder at this strength, the powder will still light, a throwback to the days when gin and gunpowder were stored side by side on board ship.

At this higher strength there is a more intense juniper flavour and the fragrant and aromatic botanicals move up several notches. It’s still as smooth as ever though, retaining the soft, slightly sweet character that Plymouth Gin is renowned for.

International Distributors

  • UK: Pernod Ricard.
  • USA: Absolut Spirits Company Incorporated.
  • Spain, Italy, Japan, New Zealand and Australia: Maxxium.
  • Nordic countries: Vin & Sprit.

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