Boozy Hot Ribena – Yes Please!

Boozy Hot Ribena 2Even though we’re not quite at the stage yet of needing a drink to keep out the winter chill,  once the temperature drops we’ll be heading straight over to POND Dalston.  The cocktail aficionados at The Manhattans Project have just launched their three month residency there and, as well as their ‘classic cocktails done right’, they’ve come up with a couple of drinks that are wonderfully indulgent and hugely comforting.  Boozy Hot Ribena made with one of Gintime’s favourite gins, Plymouth Gin, is top of our list. Here’s the recipe:

40ml Gin, 35ml Ribena, 10ml St Germain, 5ml Malic Acid solution (could be replaced with 10ml lime), stir then top with hot water in a mug. And it couldn’t be easier to make at home thank goodness. Dark winter nights you now hold no fear!

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