10 out of 10 on Martin Miller’s 10th Anniversary

martinMartin Miller picked up the ‘Best Gin’ Trophy last night at the ISC Awards in London for his 10th Anniversary Strength Gin.  A jubilant Martin said: “I’m delighted that the excellent quality of Martin Miller’s Gin has been recognised by the ISC, particularly as the judging panel includes some of the best palates in the world and we were up against some of the best gin brands in the world.  I’m proud to say we’ve produced a world-class 54% super premium gin, distilled in England, with some of the world’s purest water added in Iceland, shipped in 1,000 striking bottles and labels lovingly signed by me.”

The Trophy joins the two Gold medals already awarded to Martin’s Westbourne and 10th Anniversary Strength gins by the International Spirits Challenge. Out of a total of three Gold Medals awarded in the blind-tasting of gins, Martin Miller’s Gin won two.  The 1,000 Limited Edition hand-signed bottles will be used to celebrate the 10th Anniversary and are being given to friends of Martin Miller’s Gin and to those who have helped its  growth.

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