A Plymouth Martini Made with Knitting Needles – Why Not?

The Juniper Society at London’s Graphic Bar is fast becoming a mecca for ginlovers especially as a result of its regular gatherings showcasing individual gins to a knowledgeable group of aficianados. The Martini Session run by Plymouth Gin was the biggest Juniper Society turnout yet appropriate since Plymouth was the first brand mentioned in the one of the first recorded recipes for the iconic Martini. .

The evening was divided into two halves – a session on martini making led by Plymouth Brand Ambassador Max Warner and Seb Hamilton-Mudge, owner and bartender at Eight Bar in Falmouth followed by a masterclass on gin production conducted by Master Distiller, Sean Harrison. Having learned several ways to make the perfect Martini according to personal taste the audience were invited to make their own using whatever was at hand. So one team was presented with a spaghetti jar, pasta spoon, knitting needle and espresso cup! Surprisingly it worked just as well as ‘proper equipment’.  You can watch the movie here ….

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