Hendrick’s Gin Champions Peculiar Produce

This summer Hendrick’s Gin is promoting the return of previously banned misshapen fruits and vegetables to shop shelves (think curvy cucumbers, awkward apricots, misfit melons, bashed berries!) with a delicious new range of cocktails perfect for a sunny afternoon. In an effort to stamp out the obsession with conformity Hendrick’s Gin is single-handedly spearheading the mission to see aesthetically challenged fruit and vegetables brought back with The Hendrick’s Gin Charter for the Legalisation of Forgotten Fruits (and vegetables).

To show their support for the Charter, people are invited to submit evidence of their own homegrown produce via the Facebook group – The Hendrick’s Gin Charter for the Legslisation of Forgotten Fruits. The best endeavours will be rewarded with Hendrick’s Gin bounty, including bottles of the exquisite elixir and even the opportunity to attend an exclusive secret gathering for Hendrick’s aficionados.

Glen Hooper, first signatory to the Charter ,has worked with Hendrick’s Brand Ambassador Louis Xavier Lewis-Smith to develop a selection of fantastic summer cocktails made with the juniper and cucumber elixir including the Hendrick’s Gin Garden:

Glass: highball
Ice: cubed
Garnish: cucumber spiral

  • 50ml Hendrick’s Gin
  • 15ml elderflower cordial
  • 100ml pressed apple juice
  • Top with lemonade

Method: Place the cucumber spiral within a highball glass. Gently pour in the Hendrick’s Gin, followed by the elderflower cordial and pressed apple juice. Top with lemonade

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