The world’s best bars

So now we know. A collection of the great names of the cocktail world including such luminaries as Gary Regan, Dre Masso, Angus Winchester and Naren Young have just produced the definitive list of the world’s top bars. And here they are:

  1. Milk & Honey, London
  2. Milk & Honey, New York
  3. PDT (Please Don’t Tell), New York
  4. Salvatore at Fifty, London
  5. Le Lion de Paris, Hamburg
  6. Bayswater Brasserie, Sydney
  7. Death & Co., New York
  8. Flatiron Lounge, New York
  9. Hemingway Bar @ The Ritz, Paris
  10. Shochu Lounge, London
  11. The Bar @ The Dorchester, London
  12. La Capilla, Tequila, Mexico
  13. The Experimental Cocktail Club, Paris
  14. Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant & World’s Best Tequila Bar, San Francisco
  15. Harry’s New York Bar, Paris
  16. Star Bar Ginza, Tokyo
  17. Montgomery Place, London
  18. Trailer Happiness, London
  19. Bramble, Edinburgh
  20. Melbourne Supper Club, Melbourne

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