The Traverse

10 Cambridge St, Edinburgh, EH1 2ED (Map)

The Traverse Theatre is an institution and has kicked off the career of every thespian you’ve ever heard of including Big Sean Connery. During the Edinburgh Festival it is the buzziest of venues and the Traverse Bar and CafĂ© is where it all happens – the place you’re most likely to chat motorbikes with Ewan Mcgregor or politics with Tim Robbins. So it’s a must. Not least for the Traverse Cocktail List which includes real smoothies, old favourites and lots of original cocktails. Loads of gin choice too from stalwart Gordon’s Gin to new kid on the block, Hendrick’s Gin, and others. Open early till late. In fact people have been known to spend the whole of August here.

Tel: 0131 228 5383

Web: Visit Website

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