A Walk Down Gin Lane

Here’s a great new drink that Sam Carter of Bombay Sapphire sent us.

A Walk Down Gin Lane

  • 50ml Bombay Sapphire
  • 20ml Orgeat syrup
  • 75ml full fat milk warmed to around 78 degrees C (do not boil)

Warm up your full fat milk on the steam spout of a coffee machine (don’t make too much foam) or heat in a microwave or use the traditional method and heat in a pan on a stove top! Pour into a warmed Boston tin containing the Bombay Sapphire and orgeat syrup. Swill or stir briefly then pour straight into a warmed Champagne flute or elegant wine glass. Allow a small amount of foam to create on the top.

 Garnish with either Cassia Bark or cinnamon powder flamed over cocktail. Enjoy.

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