The Midas Touch

  • Bombay Sapphire x 1 litre
  • Lemon zest x 4 lemons
  • Caster sugar x 100g
  • Lemon juice x 200ml
  • Pineapple syrup x 175ml
  • Yellow Chartreuse x 175ml
  • Fino Sherry x 175ml
  • Citrus bitters x 12 dashes
  • White jasmine infusion x 500ml

Thinly pare the zest of 4 lemons and add to the sugar in a large storage jar, muddle well and leave to stand for an hour to extract the lemon oil, then muddle again. Squeeze the juice from the 4 lemons and filter it before adding it to make a sherbet. Add the remaining ingredients, seal and refrigerate for 48 hours, shaking occasionally to mix. Taste before serving and add more sugar if necessary.

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