Alice in Wonderland Tea Parties

No one throws a tea party like the Hoxton Pony and since the long awaited release of blockbuster hit Alice In Wonderland tea parties have gone down like a storm in a tea cup with the regular Pony crowd.   They are a bit different with cocktails made in a special Infusion Jar invented by Gerry Calabrese.  The jars are designed to be self-cooling so they keep your cocktail mixed without ice. The cocktail mixtures are seasonal and include delicious concoctions like Gin’N Roses £40, Cherry’s Cup £40, Spring Pic Nic £40 and Spring & Belvedere. There’s also a range of yummy food from cucumber and salt beef sandwiches, homemade scones with jam and cream to ginger pudding, Mmmm just the thing after a long hard day slaving at the coalface.

Tea Parties for two to five people can be booked at the venue. Check it out here:

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