Gintime Gets to Choose a Special Martin Miller’s Gin

geraldineSome days are just fun and being invited to join Martin Miller at Miller’s Academy, Notting Hill, London, to help him select a Limited Edition strength to commemorate the 10th Anniversary of the birth of his namesake gin was a real honour. I was part of a panel that included Martin Miller himself, Alice Lascelles of Imbibe, spirits expert Ian Wisniewski and great blogger Jay Hepburn.

unknown1We blind tasted five different high proof strengths of Martin Miller’s Gin, first neat, then drunk as a Gin & Tonic and finally as a Martini. We all agreed that the best one was the 54% AbV which came out as very complex with fantastic juniper and citrus notes. It will be bottled as a Limited Edition, hand signed and numbered by Martin. One thousand bottles only will be produced to celebrate the 10th Anniversary and will be given to friends and supporters of Martin Miller’s Gin. A really nice touch is that Bottle No. 1 will be auctioned at The Benevolent Drinks Industry Charity Dinner in London in June.

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