Hendrick’s Gin’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities

Here’s a treat for New Yorkers. The delightfully unusual Hendrick’s Gin will be bringing its own unique brand of unexpected amusements to the citizens of New York, as it opens the doors of its newest and most exciting venture – the Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities.  Part alternative holiday storefront, part performance space and part bizarre holiday bazaar, this one-of-a-kind space will play host to a surprising season of performances, events and other activities that is set to take New York by storm.

Hendrick’s Gin has taken over New York’s famed Gallery 151 art space and completely transformed it into an indoor enchanted forest.  Complete with wood sprites, a wishing well, cucumber trees, a magical tree trunk bar and a whole host of other unusual attractions, the Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest of Curiosities features a programme of activities that is set to surprise and delight all comers and

The highlight of the three week engagement will be the week of exclusive events known as Fireside Chats in the Enchanted Forest of Curiosities – a series of unexpected experiences that will see the forest come to life, as guests explore and enjoy expertly mixed cocktails from Hendrick’s Ambassadors Jim Ryan and Jon Santer, before settling down to enjoy a series of curious, unusual and utterly enchanting “fireside chats” from a cast of curiously fascinating speakers, performers and otherworldly orators.  With a completely different experience lined up for each night, guests can expect a diverse program of entertainment that will surprise and delight.

In addition to the week of Fireside chats, the Hendrick’s Enchanted Forest will also feature a range of other curious and unusual activities:  The week leading up to the events will feature a series of storefront guerrilla performances, as a cast of characters act out a variety of unusual vignettes in the gallery window.  These unannounced showpieces will occur at various times throughout the day and will set the stage for things to come. 

Once the run of Fireside chats has come to a close, the Enchanted Forest will finally open up to all comers with a wonderfully unusual holiday bazaar.  Featuring curios, artifacts and artwork from a selection of artists and craftsmen, the Hendrick’s Bizarre Bazaar will offer a characteristically eccentric alternative to the holiday shopping experience.

“We are extremely excited to be bringing the Hendrick’s Unusual Forest of Curiosities to New York City for the holidays.” said Jun Hirst, Senior Brand Manager, Hendrick’s Gin.  “This type of activity is completely befitting of a Gin as curious as Hendrick’s, and we cannot wait to open the doors and let people experience it for themselves!”

The Hendrick’s Unusual Forest of Curiosities will appear at Gallery 151, which is located at 350 Bowery in New York City and will begin its run on November 29.  The Fireside chats will begin on December 6 and will be by invitation only.  For more information, as well as the chance to receive an invitation, please visit www.hendricksenchantedforest.com

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