Hendrick’s – the most unusual window display

Hendrick’s has partnered with the Most Unusual Minds from the worlds of art, jewellery and taxidermy to create a delightful interpretation of James Halliwell’s classic carol, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” It’s all here from ten sleazy ‘Lords a Leaping’, twelve ‘Wild haggis drumming’ to three ‘Giant snails’ pretending to be French hens to a lone partridge in a cucumber plant. The striking display is sure to be the UK’s Most Unusual Christmas Shop window. You can see Hendrick’s eyecatching Christmas display at Jeroboams, Belgravia London (from w/c 21st November) and Peckham’s in Edinburgh (from w/c 5th December). Feast your eyes on this Cacophony of Curiosities, and ponder: what will your true love bring you on the 13th day of Christmas?

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