Man wanted! Well, two actually…

Going to a restaurant is so 2010. Supper clubs are all the rage these days and Charlie and Evelyn’s Table has certainly taken Edinburgh’s dining scene by storm. Whether it’s because they’re the only household in Scotland not to great guests with ‘You’ll have had your tea?’ or due to their welcoming personalities and innovative menus, places at Charlie and Evelyn’s regular evening dinners are much coveted. On February 14th they’re hosting an evening for singles and although they have four hungry diners ready for some Valentine’s culinary delights they are two men short!

So if you’re in Edinburgh, of the male gender and single you could not only spend an evening in excellent company but have a fabulous dinner to boot. Beef fillet, mushroom gratin, watercress puree and crispy potatoes? Mmm, yes please. I might lock the boyfriend in a cupboard, don my fake moustache and go along myself!

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