New Gin Review – Seven Crofts Gin


Producer: The Highland Liquor Company

Bottled at 43% ABV

On the Nose: fresh and junipery, a massive blast of pine with underlying spiciness

In the Mouth: saltiness picked up on the tip of the tongue, spiciness with subtle forest floor aromas that hint at woody ingredients like angelica, floral pepper possibly from the cubeb berriess and strong citrus but above all juniper, juniper, juniper from start to finish.

What they say: “We aspire to capture the characters of locally inspired and traditional botanicals that reflect our landscape and heritage to create a premium handmade spirit of national and international repute that tell a tale and inspire many new ones.”

What we say: This is a gin to put hairs on your chest, as my dear Mum would have said. Big and bold it’s as clean as a whistle somehow embodying the pristine nature of the wild Atlantic that surrounds the small town of Ullapool in the West Highlands where the distillery is located. Track it down; if you are a fan of proper gin you won’t regret it. Beautiful bottle too.


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