The amazing and surprisingly useful Hendricks measureometer

Hendrick’s Gin has just launched the Amazing and Surprisingly Useful Hendrick’s Measurometer – an ingenious bar top device, which alerts gentleman and lady bartenders when stocks of that most unusual gin from Scotland are running low. As Hendrick’s emissary, Louis Xavier Lewis-Smith explains: “A handful of drinking houses around the world reported two predicaments with our stout black bottle: firstly how to give the portly little fellow a bit more height at the bar so chaps and lady gin drinkers can identify their favourite tipple; secondly, how to tell when it’s time to order some more and thereby avoid a fracas with the growing band of Hendrick’s aficionados”.

As with so many modern conundrums, the answer was to be found in the age of invention. A set of Victorian post office scales discovered in London’s Portobello market are the inspiration for the Hendrick’s Measurometer, a set of custom made vintage brass scales that neatly house the cucumber and rose-infused elixir and indicate on a dial whether the little black bottle is anything between full, or heaven forbid: empty. One thousand Amazing and Surprisingly Useful Hendrick’s Measurometers can now be found on display at a selection of the best gin-drinking establishments around the world, including London’s Mayfair Hotel, Edinburgh’s Voodoo Rooms and Madrid’s Gin Club.

For more information contact Emily Thoubboron at LDR LONDON on
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