The Gincident Takes to the Water this Summer

One of the most eagerly anticipated events on the gin calendar is soon to be upon us as Manchester based boozehounds and semi retired bartenders The Liquorists have confirmed the third annual installment of the now infamous Gincident.

It is probably prudent to explain exactly what this ‘Gincident’ is. In essence it’s a jolly big gin masterclass, but unlike other tutored tutored tasting events it takes place on a barge whilst being serenaded by the colourful language of some of the industry’s most revered figures with both Jody and Tom, the founders of The Liquorists, chucking in their tuppence worth as well.

This year the boys will host 12 Gincident dates, spreading their wings to such tropical climes as Chester and Bristol. The Liquorists tailor the events to both the on and off trade with the two having very different content and approach.

The first bartender Gincident kicks off on the River Irwell, Manchester at 12 bells on July 18th. The day kicks off with a Gin & Ginger before a look at the fascinating history of the juniper laden spirit. Each year the presentations have a different focus and Summer 2012  will see an in depth exploration of the decline of Old Tom and the rise and rise of dry style Gin. In addition there will be a talk and tasting examining 20th century gin cocktails and a blind tasting Gin & Tonic face off. The gin will continue to flow as the good ship Gincident meanders Manchester’s ship canal with an on board feast of summer food inspired by the influence of classic gin botanicals. In fact given their previous track record Jody assures that they guarantee the sunshine as well.

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