Here’s a Cool Thing

Text4Cocktails is a brand new service that allows you to receive cocktail recipes on the move. Whether you’re buying ingredients, making cocktails for friends or customers, or out socialising, receive recipes instantly on your mobile phone. There’s no subscription, just a small payment per text .

The brainchild of Aberdeen entrepreneur, Ryan Coutts and partnered by local design company Damage Inc. Design, the concept has taken bars, clubs and off-licences in the North-East by storm. As Ryan explains: “I was working as a bar manager and noticed that people would ask for cocktails and staff sometimes didn’t know how to make them. Cocktail recipe books aren’t always on hand, but eight out of 10 people these days have a mobile.”

To use the service all you have to do is text COCKTAIL and the name of your cocktail of choice e.g. MARTINI to 84383 to get an instant response:

Ryan added, “We’ve also seen the service prove useful for when you’re out and about and need to find cocktail recipes or recommendations as we’ve recently introduced two other options:

Simply text COCKTAIL and NEW to receive the latest recipe, or text COCKTAIL and the spirit of your choice e.g. GIN to receive the latest gin cocktail recipe. Cool or what? For more information please go to

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