Win Tickets for The Savoy Diamond Jubilee Street Party with Bombay Sapphire

On Sunday 3 June, The Savoy Hotel in London will host an exclusive Diamond Jubilee Street Party and serve a selection of summer cocktails from iconic British gin brand Bombay Sapphire.  Taking place along its grand entrance concourse, The Savoy will celebrate, along with 100 guests, the Queen’s Jubilee within a classic street style party.

On arrival at the street party guests will be treated to a bespoke Bombay Sapphire Savoy Punch which will be served, with flair and imagination, directly from The Savoy’s stunning fountain.  Just as Bombay Sapphire reinvented the gin drinking experience by serving their gin in a revolutionary blue bottle, the Bombay Sapphire Savoy Punch fountain offers the opportunity for the brand to again reinvent how gin is served .

In addition to the Bombay Sapphire Savoy Punch, the Bombay Sapphire Ultimate Gin & Tonic will be enjoyed alongside champagne and The Savoy’s trademark traditional British food.  Street party entertainment will be courtesy of a British brass band.

There’s still just enough time to win tickets for two to London’s most prestigious Diamond Jubilee street party. Visit the Bombay Sapphire Facebook page and submit your own celebratory Jubilee cocktail recipes.  The most imaginative cocktail will win a pair of tickets to the party.

 For the chance to win tickets or download cocktail recipes visit:

Here’s the recipe to make for your own street party celebrations:

Bombay Sapphire Savoy Punch

Creator: Erik Lorincz of The American Bar, The Savoy, London


30ml Bombay Sapphire

30ml home-made orange & grapefruit sherbet*

15 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice

10ml Orgeat (almond syrup)

30ml Earl Grey tea infusion**

Top up with Champagne

Glassware: Coupette or Champagne saucer

Ice: Shaken with cubed ice

Garnish: Splash of Champagne and  Edible Flower

Method: Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker (except the Champagne) and shake really well with plenty of cubed ice. Using a fine tea strainer, strain the resulting cocktail into a chilled coupette glass and top up with a splash of Champagne. Garnish with an edible flower. Enjoy!

* For the orange & grapefruit sherbet, grate the peel of one orange and two pink grapefruits then stir the resulting grated peel with 150g of caster sugar for around a minute or so to extract the natural oils out of the citrus fruit. Next, squeeze all the juice out from the orange and also the juice from one of the grapefruits and add to the sugar mixture. Stir this continually until the sugar has dissolved fully. Pass the liquid through a fine strainer and it’s ready to use – 30ml per cocktail.

** For the Earl Grey tea infusion, brew one Earl Grey tea bag in 150ml of boiling water then take out after 4 minutes. Leave to cool then use 30ml per cocktail.




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