41 Earlham Street, London, WC2 9LD (Map)

Beneath the butterbean croquettes and tofu shakes of Neal’s Yard, the vast Bünker bierhall is whooping it up, buzzing as always with office workers making a healthy din over a Beastie Boys soundtrack. It’s a sociable sort of a joint alright, with large tables that can comfortably sit eight and coat hooks on every pillar. The long, backlit bar is fully stocked with glowing bottles of continental beers, and imposing copper vats squat in one corner, providing Bünker with its very own specialty brews that slip down well with the hearty fish and chips and burger fare. While the cocktail list is modest, the largely female bar staff will endeavor to provide you with whatever your imagination can rustle up.

Tel: 020 7240 0606

Web: Visit Website

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