Selfridges, 400 Oxford Street, London, W1C 1JT (Map)

More of a pleasure pitstop than a cocktail bar, Momo is perfect for combining the twin pleasures of shopping and drinking. Deep in the heart of Selfridges (second floor, actually!), it’s a sudden square of Moorish decadence, designed by the Sketch team. Lamps bathe drinkers in a spicy glow, while the Moroccan music provides a further protective layer from the manic consumerism mere feet away. There’s something very satisfying about sipping on a tart Apple Collins, while mulling over a prospective purchase. Oh, and to point out the bleedin’ obvious, don’t forget the bar shuts when the shop does.

Tel: 020 7318 3620

Westminster, London W1C 2, UK

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