Tea on the Lower East Side

Courtesy of Tim Oakley, Head Mixologist, Broome & Delancey, London.

  • 25ml Zubrowka vodka
  • 25ml Whitley Neil Gin
  • 10ml Manzana Verde
  • 50ml hibiscus tea
  • 50ml apple juice
  • 10ml freshly squeezed lime juice
  • half an apple, very finely sliced
  • Collins or a highball glass filled with ice cubes

Put all the ingredients except the apple slices into a cocktail shaker along with the ice. Shake until shaker becomes frosted (approximately 20 seconds). Drain into the Collins or highball glass. Create the apple fan garnish by overlapping the slices into a fan shape and secure with a cocktail stick. Place gently on the side of the glass.

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