Mr Bang Bang shares his Top Ten Playlist

Mr Bang BangThe Bang Bang Club is gearing up for their Edinburgh Festival Revelries. DJ Cornelius Pierce, Mr. Bang Bang himself, has composed a list of his favourite summer chill out tunes. Lay back and enjoy.

  1. Jackie Trent – Where are you now?
  2. Barry Adamson – The vibes ain’t nothin’ but the vibes
  3. David Bowie – It’s gonna be me
  4. Francoiz Brut – Vingt a trente mille jours
  5. Glen Grey & the Casa Loma Orchestra – Smoke rings
  6. Paul Williams (Bugsy Malone soundtrack) – Ordinary fool
  7. Lou Reed – Tatters
  8. PJ Harvey & John Parish – Leaving California
  9. Portishead – The Rip
  10. Scott Walker – Plastic palace people

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