2008 Gin Cocktail Competition: The winner is…

After  six rounds in six cities, 1253 Gin and Tonic’s, 83 competitors from 62 bars  the Miller’s oadshow finally rolled back into London in September for the Grand Final of the 2008 Gin Cocktail Competition at the opulent Miller’s Academy in Notting Hill. There the transatlantic judging panel  declared Rebecca Almqvist of Lonsdale in  London, the Martin Miller’s Gin Mixologist of 2008 for her fabulous Pink Gin Buck and the feat of mixing 17 G and Ts in one minute in the Speed Round. Congratulations to Rebecca for beating some of the best in the biz such as:

  • Ben Carlotto (Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)
  • Muno (Green and Red, London)
  • Shervene (Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh)
  • Nick Ord (Smokestack, Leeds)
  • Fraser Crichton (Drakes Hotel, Brighton
  • Simon “Ginge” Warneford (MyHotel, Brighton)
  • Paul Mant (Quo Vadis, London)
  • Rob Savory (Raoul’s, Oxford)
  • Cat (Raoul’s, Oxford)
  • Meimi Sanchez (Bramble, Edinburgh)
  • Lino (Hoxton Pony, London)

The judges were an  equally cosmopolitan group consisting of Dan Dunn – American drinks writer supreme and friend of Martin  Miller’s Gin. Jon Santer – Martin Miller’s San Francisco  brand specialist and head of the US bartenders guild San Francisco. Martin Miller – the man himself, Jeffrey Morgenthaler – renowned  drinks blogger and bartender from Oregon. Btw check out his account of his road trip with Martin Millers Gin at www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com

The winning recipe…

Pink G Buck #7

  • 50 ml Martin Millers Gin
  • 35 ml Chamberyzette
  • 15 ml Bercherovka
  • Half a Lemon
  • Top up with Ginger Ale

Put 3 ice Cubes in the bottom of a Catalina glass, squeeze in the half lemon into the glass (might want to cut it up first), add more ice and the rest of the ingredients. Cap shake (Take a smallish tin, put it on top and shake quite gently), top up with Ginger Beer and garnish with a few Mint sprigs.

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