Bombay Sapphire Launches Rooftop Retreat at Harvey Nicks

58BE0E4E-99DA-42FA-917D-9A43F452460ARight, shopping and cocktails are one of our favourite combos so we’ll definitely be bustling along to the London Harvey Nichols  this  spring to  enjoy the  newly launched Bombay   Sapphire  Rooftop  Retreat  on the  Fifth   Floor   Terrace.  It runs from  13th   April  to the 11th   July and, not only do you get to enjoy the perfect  gin & tonic a la Bombay  Sapphire,  there’s also a series  of  bespoke  masterclasses that encourage  guests  to  forage  in  the  Harvey  Nichols  Foodmarket  to   find  their  Ultimate  Gin  &  Tonic  twist  ingredient. You can experiment with a range of unusual  ingredients, tempting  tonic  waters  such  as  elderflower,  yuzu  and  lemongrass,  and  a  number   of  different  garnishes. For  those  looking   to   take   their   drink   to   the   next   level,   artisanal   tonic   syrups   from   Jack   Rudy   can   be   fused   with   soda   water  to  create  the  perfect  accompaniment.

In  addition,  Renaud   de   Bosredon,   Bombay   Sapphire   brand   ambassador   and   the   team   at   Harvey   Nichols   have come up with a fantastic menu  of  exclusive   Ultimate   Gin  &  Tonic  twists   as well as a selection   of   avant-­‐garde   cocktails with exotic ingredients such   as   goji   berry   liqueur,  cubeb  berries  and  passion  fruit.         On   Wednesday 11th and 25th May from   6.30pm,   ‘Bombay   Sapphire   Artistry   of   the   Ultimate   Gin   &   Tonic   masterclasses’, hosted by Renaud de Bosredon, will   provide   guests   with   a   more   in-­‐depth   and   hands   on   experience   as   they   create   their   own   bespoke   gin   &   tonic.

The   Bombay   Sapphire   Rooftop   Retreat   at   Harvey   Nichols   is   open   daily   from   11am   until   11pm.   ‘Bombay  Sapphire  Artistry  of  the  Ultimate  Gin  &  Tonic  masterclasses’  are  priced  at  £35  per  head  and   include   a   Bombay   Sapphire   Ultimate   Gin   &   Tonic   on   arrival   and   a   bespoke   Bombay   Sapphire   Ultimate   Gin   &   Tonic   twist   with   ingredients   hand-­‐selected   by   guests   from   the   Harvey   Nichols   Foodmarket.

The Bombay Sapphire Rooft Trop retreat is at Harvey Nichols Fifth Floor Terrace, 109 – 125 Knightsbridge,  LONDON,  SW1X  7RJ   To book Masterclass Tickets are available via 

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