Bombay Sapphire Launches Star of Bombay

C94C2C0E-66C3-419D-A927-07D4F1A3B996Oooh we can’t wait to get our hand on this new super de luxe Bombay Sapphire small batch expression (hint hint Bombay Sapphire peeps).  Made like all Bombay gins at the  recently opened Bombay Sapphire Distillery at Laverstoke Mill, Hampshire, Star of Bombay build on the basic botanical DNA of Bombay Sapphire but adds two more exotic botanicals and a slow distillation method to deliver a spirit of extraordinary intensity that takes London Dry Gin to a new dimension.

Bombay Sapphire Master Distiller Nik Fordham and Master of Botanicals Ivano Tonutti searched the world for new flavours and came up with Bergamot Orange Peel from Italy and Ambrette Seeds from the tropical yellow hibiscus flower grown in Ecuador.

Master of Botanicals of Bombay Sapphire, Ivano Tonutti, explains: “It is possible to simply add new botanicals to a gin and bring a ‘note’ of their character over the spirit, but this is not our way.  We vapour infuse our botanicals. Painstaking trials had to be made to achieve the precise quantities and qualities that could integrate into the heart of the gin. It is this perfect balance that we aim for.”

In addition the brand’s unique Vapour Infusion distillation method was slowed down to increase the level of extraction from the botanical oils, building rich aromas and intense flavours. “The entire method of distilling Star of Bombay is very much a craft process,” explains Master Distiller Nik Fordham. “It requires more hands-on control and monitoring to create a gin of extraordinary complexity and character similar to an aged spirit. So much so, that it can be drunk neat or over ice which is a truly unusual way for a gin to be enjoyed.” For those seeking an alternative to drinking Star of Bombay on the rocks, a signature serve has been created. ‘The Intense Gin and Tonic’, made with 50% Star of Bombay and 50% tonic water, finished with orange zest.

Star of Bombay will be available from Waitrose, RRP £32 for 75cl bottle from April 2015. Star of Bombay on the rocks and Intense Gin and Tonic can be enjoyed at top end bars in London from May.

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