Drinkology Goes Live!

We’ve been involved in a top secret project and are delighted to be able to talk about it at last. Drinkology.com is a new website designed to make it easy for bartenders all over the world to source knowledge and network with their peers as well as join in debates on all things drink-related. Drinkology is the brainchild of Illy Jaffar, Pernod Ricard UK’s Head of Brand Advocacy and has been created by Pernod Ricard UK in collaboration with Henry Besant of the Worldwide Cocktail Club.

A unique feature of  the immensely stylish new website is the bevy of on site ‘gurus’ who will contribute specialist knowledge of their areas of expertise in the form of discussion forums and editorial focusing on the history and production of spirits, category styles and other relevant category issues. Gurus include Ian Wisniewski (vodka and malt whisky), Geraldine Coates (gin), Dave Broom (rum and blended whiskies) Gary Regan (legendary bars and barmen) Nicholas Faith (Cognac and brandy), Mark Ridgewell (bourbon/American Whiskey), Thomas Estes (agave spirits) and Ago Perrone (vermouth and bitters). They will be contributing regular features and answering questions. The Library section, curated by cocktail historians Jared Brown and Anistatia Miller, contains an constantly updated store of historical information, downloadable (and searchable) vintage cocktail books and recipes.

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