I’ll Have Ice with That

Here’s an amusing tidbit that arrived in the Gintime mailbox this week. Apparently bartenders in Vancouver have come up with loads of special ways to mark the Winter Olympics currently taking place in Canada. At Yew Restaurant + Bar at the Four Seasons, for instance, Justin Taylor and Jordan Moore have created three cocktails commemorating all the Olympic Games held in Canada. So you can have an updated whisky sour for Montreal 1976, a beefed-up Caesar for Calgary 1988 and a cucumber-flavoured Gin Fling (ooh could that possibly be Hendricks?) with a smoked salmon garnish for Vancouver 2010.

For budding athletes Lauren Mote of The Refinery has worked with personal trainer Vaneska Zahuta at VanFit Athletics to create five healthy cocktails with performance-boosting “super foods”. The gin-based “Beet It” has beetroot  juice and rhubarb bitters and is rich with iron, anthocynim, vitamin C and antioxidants. Great way to keep out the cold!

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