Palin’s Christmas Punch

Martin Miller’s Cocktail Masters 2008: Winning Cocktail Recipe
Created by Mixologist, Sam Ross, Team US (Milk & Honey, NY)

  • 12oz/360ml Martin Miller’s Gin Westbourne Strength
  • 12oz/360ml Fresh lemon juice
  • 10oz/300ml Demerara date syrup*
  • 14oz/420ml Zirbenz Stone Pine Liqueur
  • 1 1/2 oz/45ml Absinthe
  • 1/2 oz/15ml Regan’s Orange Bitters #6
  • One bottle of dry Champagne

In a large pitcher, muddle the peel of two lemons with a little sugar to extract the oils, pour all ingredients (except Champagne) into pitcher and stir briefly with ice, strain into punch bowl, top with champagne, float lemon ice and stir and serve in punch cups. Garnish with Absinthe dates.

Demerara date syrup: Stir 2 parts demerara sugar into 1 part water. Drop a bag of crushed dates in and leave for three days. Strain through coffee filter to eliminate sediment.

Lemon ice: Drop lemon wheels into a small plastic container filled with water and place in freezer -voilà!

Absinthe date: With an eye dropper, drop 3-4 drops of absinthe into the top of a date.