Bombay Spirits Flavour Experiences Hits The Road

Bombay Sapphire has just launched its 2012 Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience which takes mixologisits on a journey of gin connoisseurship. Rolling out across the UK, 9 events will take place between June and November in exploration of how production techniques and quality of ingredients impact on aroma and ultimately the flavour of gin.

Hosted by Bombay Sapphire’s brand ambassadors Sam Carter and Sean Ware, the Flavour Experience was born from the development of aroma recognition; 95% of taste is attributed to what you can smell. Sam and Sean showcase 12 different aromas found in the gin category and discuss how the aroma impacts the taste profile across different gins. Mixologists will be able to recognise the different aromas across a spectrum of gins and how the aromas attribute to taste delivery. Bombay Sapphire differs from other gins as it is produced via an innovative Vapour Infusion process which gives a brighter fresher, more dynamic uplifting flavour experience that directly appeals to cocktail drinkers.

Giving bartenders a deeper ability to distinguish flavour profiles between gins, the Flavour Experience will also showcase an array of cocktails to best highlight different gin’s qualities and attributes. For example, The Bombay Sapphire Aviation benefits from Bombay Sapphire’s dynamic, vivacious character that comes from the vapour infusion process providing an uplifting cocktail. Uplifting cocktails are zesty, engaging, generous, enlivening and inspire outgoing sociability. The Aviation is a classic example of this as it provides pine notes along with citrus, rooty, sweet, spicy and floral flavour profiles which make it a perfectly balanced serve with great complexity.

Sharon Reid, Bombay Sapphire Marketing Controller comments, “The Flavour Experience is a great programme for mixologists to understand gin in all its glory and how it is a fantastic component in cocktails. Last year the Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience helped bartenders understand the clear role gin, and in particular Bombay Sapphire, plays on a back bar, helping maximise serves and drive rate of sale. We’re confident this year’s programme will continue to build on the success of last year’s events and cement Bombay Sapphire’s position as leader of the gin category through its understanding of aroma and the flavour.”

The Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience helps bartenders gain a fuller understanding of the whole experience of flavour through the use of the world’s first gin aroma kit. Developed by George Dodd of The Aroma Academy, the kit helps identify the key aromas of the gin category, including the aromatic complexity of juniper and how different distillation methods highlight different expressions of it.

The Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience will be visiting:

• 21 June – Glasgow
• 5th July – Nottingham
• 26th July – North London
• 2nd August – Liverpool
• 23rd August – Leeds
• 6th September – Bristol
• 20th September – Cardiff
• 18th October – Oxford and Reading
• 1st November – Manchester

To participate in a Bombay Spirits Company Flavour Experience, bartenders can contact Sean Ware via for event places or visit!/BombaySpiritsCompanyFlavourExperience

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