Fire at Plymouth Gin Distillery

Yesterday’s fire at the historic Plymouth Gin Distillery in Plymouth’s Southside Street has mercifully left the 500 year old distillery building intact. The blaze broke out in the ducting system of the kitchen of the Barbican Kitchen Brasserie, run by celebrity chefs James and Chris Tanner, which has been severely damaged. The good news however is that that the pot still and general production facility as well as the oldest part of the building, The Refectory, is undamaged and remains operational. The Black Friars Distillery is the oldest working distillery in the country and the Refectory dates back to the 15th century. It is reputed to be the place where the Pilgrim Fathers spent their last night before sailing for the New World on the Mayflower. This is the second time in Plymouth Gin’s history that the distillery has been saved from fire (the first time was during World War 2 when it was hit by German bombs). Whew, let’s raise a glass of Plymouth Gin to Plymouth Gin!

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