New Gin Palace for London

News of an exciting new Gin bar in London has reached Gintime Towers. PURL (by definition warm ale, gin and spices  as found in Charles Dickens’ Sketches by Boz) will open its doors at the end of May. The life long ambition of partners Bryan Pietersen, Tristan Stephenson, Thomas Aske and Matt Whiley it’s inspired by Dickensian Gin Palaces and Prohibition style speakeasies, with a revolutionary cocktail list that combines classics/twists on classics and influenced by molecular mixology – smoke, fire, liquid nitrogen, caviar and foams, home-made ingredients plus a lab in the back for experimentation.

The bar holds 6 individual alcoves from cosy to huge that are built under the road in Marylebone. We can’t wait. Check it out here –

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