Possibly the Most Glamorous Cocktail in London

To celebrate the upcoming Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, The Goring Hotel in London (where a certain Miss Kate Middleton and her family stayed the night before the big day) has created a real glamour drink. The 1952 is a gin martini made with 2 and ½ measures of Hendricks Gin and a dash of Noilly Prat  shaken over ice with real silver leaf.

This delicious concoction is served in a diamond-like Swarowski crystal cocktail glass. Priced at £120 this cocktail is certainly not for everyday but guests do get to take the glass home with them and continue toasting The Queen in a very special way. The 1952 Diamond Jubilee Cocktail will be served at The Goring Hotel, Beeston Place, London SW1 0JW throughout the months of April and June 2012

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