The World’s Most Dedicated Bombay Sapphire Fan

RARO WEDDING TRIP DEC 2013 2013-12-04 004At Gintime we attract gin lovers of all shapes and sizes and we love them. One of the nicest stories we received last year was from New Zealander Anthony Smith concerning his friend Jack Cooper who goes by the name Trader Jack. Jack has two restaurants in Rarotonga in the Cook Islands. He drinks nothing but Bombay Sapphire Gin, and has done for many years. He now has a massive collection of every bottle of Bombay Sapphire he has ever drunk and has used it decorate both his home and his two restaurants – Bamboo Jack’s and Trader Jack’s. People come to his restaurants not only to eat the best sea food on the island but to marvel at his creative use of the iconic blue bottle.

RARO WEDDING TRIP DEC 2013 2013-12-04 001Jack’s Bombay Sapphire collection is a veritable art installation that could quite happily grace Tate Modern or any other major art gallery. It lends a whole new meaning to the job of putting out the empties and we can’t help noticing how very well Jack himself looks. Proof if it were ever needed that drinking quality gin is positively good for you. Mr. Cooper we salute you and should we ever make it to Rarotonga we’ll certainly be right over to yours!



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