Caorunn’s Extremely Cool Cocktail Martini

Wet or dry? Shaken or stirred? However you like yours, one thing all martini lovers can agree on is that it should be served cold. And this winter, Caorunn Gin is taking this one step further with the launch of a new ice cold cocktail, The Naked Martini. A fantastic winter twist on a classic, this cool creation was concocted by Caorunn Brand Ambassador and award wining mixologist, Ervin Trykowski at Glasgow’s Finnieston Bar. As he explains: ‘Caorunn’s distinctive taste and character has played a big part in our reinvigoration of this classic gin cocktail. The Naked Martini is already proving a big hit with our drinkers – served ice cold, in glasses straight from the freezer, this drink brings theatre as well as great taste to the martini and is the ideal drink for a winter’s day by a roaring fire.’

Naked Martini Recipe

  • 60ml Caorunn (22 degree, from the freezer)
  • 2.5ml Vermouth (rinse on the glass)

Method: Stir in a mixing glass, serve as cold as possible from the freezer

Garnish with atomised apple essence across the top of the drink
Serve 1/2 in a 3 1/2 oz coupette, and the rest in a carafe on ice.

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