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Barkeep Under the Spotlight Feb 2012

We’re currently LOVING Manchester so Gintime caught up with Jody Monteith of renowned Manchester bar consultancy, The Liquorists. Tell us a bit about you and what you do? My name is Jody Monteith. I’m 28 years old, living in Manchester … Continue reading

Five Great Things About Manchester

So The Hacienda is long gone and Madchester has been over for aeons but Manchester has still got it and is an amazing place to live and visit. Here are a few of our fave things about the city: 1. … Continue reading

Harvesting Juniper and Orris in Tuscany Feb 2012

Weird but true that in all the years I’ve been writing about gin botanicals I’ve never actually seen the harvesting process for myself. Imagine my delight then when I was invited by Bombay Sapphire Gin to join a crew of … Continue reading

Gintime Gin Preserves Oct 2011

Autumn is all about stocking the larder for the colder months and gin makes a great ingredient in seasonal preserves. Juliet Lawrence Wilson’s Sloe Gin Mincemeat is a quick and easy preserve to make now and will mature beautifully in … Continue reading


Know your gins Oct 2011

Patience Gould

Our guest writer Patience Gould shares her experience of attending the launch of Bombay’s Gin Aroma Kit, a fantastic nosing experience that is a total first for the gin industry. And the cocktails.. Gin’s renaissance continues apace and it’s the … Continue reading

Greengage Gin an Autumn Treat Oct 2011


At one time all the major London distillers made a great variety of fruit gins. Apart from sloe gin, which is still made commercially by Plymouth and Hawkers, and damson gin made by small craft distillers, production of most fruit … Continue reading


Gintime Summer BBQ Jun 2011


It’s time to prepare for the two days of British summer we enjoy so much! Juliet’s top tips and recipes will set your BBQ apart from the rest. Tips: Start with a clean grill. Although the food debris from last … Continue reading


An audience with Gin Monkey Jun 2011

An audience with Gin Monkey

Science policy lobbyist by day, intrepid cocktail quencher by night! Emma, the brains and palette behind one of the UK’s most trustworthy bar review sites tells us what makes Gin Monkey swing. What made you decide to start Gin Monkey? … Continue reading


Cool Bars for Travelling Gintimers Jun 2011

At Gintime Towers we’re all thinking about our summer hols right now and it’s always nice to know wherever you go there is somewhere cool to hang. Here are a few top bars in favourite European holiday spots. For more … Continue reading


The Brand Ambassador’s Life Apr 2011

Currently the drinks blogosphere and other channels are abuzz with complaints about Brand Ambassadors, those jammy buggers who get to not just drink for a living but travel the world enjoying a rock star life as they promote the USPs … Continue reading