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A Closer Look at Bombay Sapphire East Jan 2013


The Gintime postbag always contains several requests for information about Bombay East.  Not to mention desperate pleas for where it can be purchased in the UK.  A good time then to have a closer look at this relatively new offering. … Continue reading

Gintime’s Favourite Beefeater 24 Cocktails Dec 2012

B24 Martinez

The final round of Beefeater’s Global Bartenders Competition proved very tasty indeed – in more ways than one! Patience Gould highlights Gintime’s top two faves. What a super evening! I refer of course to the finals of Beefeater 24’s Global … Continue reading

Under the Spotlight – Craig Harper Dec 2012

There aren’t many people in the drinks industry who are actually trained to kill people with their bare hands.  Craig Harper is one of them.  So a good guy to be with on a night out in a dodgy part … Continue reading

Books for Drink Lovers

In the run up to Christmas more books are bought than in the whole of the rest of the year.  This Christmas make sure the drink lovers in your life get something that’s just right with our tips on some … Continue reading

A Punch this Christmas with Hendrick’s Gin Nov 2012

OOh we do like a nice punch and in this time of festive cheer, we can rely on the expertise of Hendrick’s Gin who has partnered with the best cocktail creators to offer a solution to Christmas entertaining by bringing … Continue reading

Shaken or Stirred? Nov 2012

Patience Gould revisits the Martini question In the recent remake of Casino Royale, Daniel Craig’s Bond no doubt sent shock waves through Martini aficionados around the world when he orders a Vodka Martini; nothing odd in that of course, but … Continue reading

Thought for the Day: On Martinis Oct 2012

There’s something about a Martini, A tingle remarkably pleasant; A yellow, a mellow Martini; I wish I had one at present. There is something about a Martini, Ere the dining and dancing begin, And to tell you the truth, It … Continue reading

Another Definition of the Cocktail

The debate on the etymology of the cocktail rages still with drinks historians undecided as to the definitive answer to the word’s origin. We found a charming piece by the great American humourist and author HL Mencken, which somehow seems … Continue reading

Caorunn Gin Storytellers Competition – Full Report Sep 2012

Monday 3rd September saw the final of the Caorunn Storytellers Global Competition in Edinburgh’s Bramble Bar. And Gintime was there to help judge the winner. We can honestly say that the Competition was one of the most innovative and truly … Continue reading

Viva L’Espana Aug 2012

Geraldine Coates looks at the Spanish GinTonic revolution An email from a gin lover recently pointed out that we Brits have allowed one of our great national drinks to become boring and ‘stuck in the mud.’ Having stumbled upon Spanish … Continue reading