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Desmond Payne, Master Distiller for Beefeater May 2008

Desmond Payne, Master Distiller for Beefeater, celebrated 40 years in the industry on 11 September 2007. Gintime got the lowdown from the world’s most experienced gin Master Distiller. So Desmond how did it all begin? DP: I fell into distilling … Continue reading


It’s always time for tea at The Hoxton Pony May 2008

Gerry Calabrese

Gerry Calabrese takes time out from opening Shoreditch’s latest bar to talk to Gintime about, tea parties, pie and mash and rock n’ roll. I’m really hoping Gordon Brown will pop into The Hoxton Pony someday soon. I’d make him … Continue reading


The Great Edinburgh Cocktail Trail May 2008

Edinburgh is now recognised as having the best bars in the UK outside London. George Street and its environs is the epicentre of the cocktail scene and the best place to start your Gintime cocktail odyssey is at the Forth … Continue reading

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What’s in a name – London Dry Gin Apr 2008

Nowadays most bottles of high quality gin, the kind Gintime is interested in, will carry the wording ‘London Dry Gin’ on the label. There are some exceptions, of which more later. Why London and why Dry? For the answers to … Continue reading

Forza Italia! Mar 2008

Campari - as seen in Christina Aguilera

The Negroni is la dolce vita in a glass summoning up images of all that is best about Italy and the Italian way of life. It’s an exquisitely simple drink made from gin, Campari and sweet vermouth either in equal … Continue reading

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Seasonal Drinking Feb 2008

Drinking seasonally is fast becoming as commonplace as eating seasonally making full use of ingredients that are available locally in abundance. Now, just as restaurants change their menus to reflect the different seasons, so too do the best bars who … Continue reading


Gintime’s Top Party Tips Dec 2007

Cocktail 2: Sloe Motion

We love the reindeers and the robins, the snow and the sparkle and we particularly love the presents and treats. But let’s be honest the best thing about Christmas is that it’s Party Time. Whether you’re having a few friends … Continue reading


Sloe down for winter Nov 2007

Sloe Gin is a British liqueur, which is traditionally drunk neat as a warming drink in winter. It’s a combination of gin and sloe berries, the fruit of prunus spinosa, the blackthorn tree that grows wild throughout the UK. The … Continue reading


Matching food with Plymouth Gin Oct 2007

Gin drinks are generally seen as a prelude to food because they do what an aperitif or sundowner does best which is to sharpen and refresh the palate. Since Asian and Pacific Rim styles of cuisine have become popular gin … Continue reading


Blackwood’s Vintage 60 Aug 2007

Blackwoods´s Vintage 60

With gin currently on a roll and lots of brands experimenting with their botanicals recipes to create new and unusual gins, it’s good news to hear that Gintime Gin Brand Blackwood’s has come up with something completely different. In fact … Continue reading