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London Cocktail Week for Gin Lovers Oct 2015


Today’s the day it all kicks off and London becomes even more of a mecca for cocktail lovers. So much to do and so little time but we’ve picked out a few special gin things to do every day. The … Continue reading

Boozy Hot Ribena – Yes Please! Oct 2015

Boozy Hot Ribena 2

Even though we’re not quite at the stage yet of needing a drink to keep out the winter chill,  once the temperature drops we’ll be heading straight over to POND Dalston.  The cocktail aficionados at The Manhattans Project have just … Continue reading

New Gin Celebrates the History of A Revered Name Sep 2015

Tanqueray Bloomsbury Gin bottle

Whisky connoisseurs are very familiar with the idea of limited edition bottlings and new expressions from respected distilleries. The fact that we now see them coming from gin distillers is yet more proof, were it needed, that this once neglected … Continue reading

Edible Gardens a Thing This Summer? Aug 2015


We’ve got used to the idea that experimenting with botanicals and growing your own garnishes are normal now. So perhaps it is no surprise to find that bars are getting in on the act and doing all the hard work … Continue reading

Our New Fave Summer Drink Jul 2015


Gintime Editor Geraldine Coates takes a fresh look at spirit of the Dolce Vita.  At Gintime we’ve long been fans of Campari harking back to the days when a Campari and Soda with a chunk of orange seemed the height … Continue reading

Hendrick’s Marvellous Labour Saving Mechanical Martini Mechanism Jul 2015


My, my the excitement at Gintime Towers last week was at fever pitch as we unwrapped a surprise parcel from one of our favourite gins, the mighty Hendricks. Inside was the fabled “Hendrick’s Labour Saving Mechanical Martini Mechanism”, a magical mixing … Continue reading

Happy 100th Birthday Singapore Sling Jul 2015

Contemporary Singapore Sling

Created in the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel, Singapore in 1915, the Singapore Sling is one of the most iconic of all the classic gin cocktails. This year the Singapore Sling is 100 years old and to celebrate, the makers … Continue reading

Anyone for Pimm’s? Yes Please! Jun 2015


Here’s a treat for vintage cocktail experts – with a pretty fancy price tag attached too. For the first time ever The Savoy’s American Bar has raided its 40-year-old collection of the iconic fruit cup, Pimm’s, to create a cocktail … Continue reading

Drink Authentic on World Gin Day Jun 2015


It’s worth seeking out a proper gin palace to properly celebrate World Gin day this Saturday 13th June. Although none of the original gin palaces survive intact, their ornate, over the top design inspired later Victorian pubs, even after gin … Continue reading

Hendrick’s Suggestions for World Gin Day Jun 2015

Purl London_World Gin Day

Our good friends, Hendrick’s Gin, really like to get into the spirit of things and this week will be marking not just one but two momentous occasions –  National Cucumber Day on the 15th June and World Gin Day which is … Continue reading