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What We Learned Foraging with Caorunn Gin May 2015


A bright sunny spring afternoon and our curious team led by expert forager Mark Lloyd heads off into Epping Forest to seek out wild food and drink ingredients amongst the surprisingly abundant flora. The invitation came courtesy of Caorunn Gin … Continue reading

Drink the Way you Vote Tonight May 2015


Election blah blah, polls blah blah, hung parliament blah blah – the important question today is what to drink as you watch the General Election 2015 results roll in. So, depending on which national party you’re voting for here’s our … Continue reading

Alfresco London Eating and Drinking Apr 2015


After seems what a very long and very cold winter the sun has finally got its hat on. We Brits are endlessly optimistic so its flip flops and shorts out at the first hint of warmer weather. But all the … Continue reading

Premium gins continue to prosper Mar 2015

Fed-up with persistent claims that gin is no longer a growing force in the spirits firmament, Patience Gould looks to put the record straight. Gin has been exciting the industry pundits and titillating trade taste-buds for almost a decade now, … Continue reading

The Lowdown on Hendrick’s Gin’s Brand Ambassador Extraordinaire Feb 2015

This week Gintime caught up with David Piper, Hendrick’s Global Ambassador Plenipotentiary whose special role as “Commander of Special Operations” means he is the chap in charge of the Hendrick’s fun. How exactly does one become Hendrick’s “Commander of Special … Continue reading

Festive Cocktails from The Experts Dec 2014

Caorunn Countdown2

Eek how did it get to be December and looking a lot like Christmas already. We’re getting our priorities right and planning the drinks we’ll be enjoying this Festive Season courtesy of some of our favourite bartenders. Can’t wait to … Continue reading

Presents for Cocktail Lovers

Savoy_BeaufortBar_15 resized

This Christmas we decided not to be lazy and just buy a bottle for the booze lover on our list. Oh no we thought, we’ll search high and low for things that are a bit special. Plus we would choose … Continue reading

The Evolution of Gin Bottles Nov 2014

PG bottles 17

We’re so used to buying spirits in fancy bottles that we sometimes forget that until the 1890s, gin was sold in barrels to the retailers who would bottle it themselves for customers to take home. In fact Tanqueray was even then … Continue reading

The First Record of the Word “Gin” Nov 2014


Geraldine Coates, Editor of Gintime, has a look for the origins of the gin word. There has always been confusion as to when the use of the word ‘gin’ to describe juniper flavoured spirit entered the English language and came … Continue reading

Sloe Gin Fizz and Juniper Game Sauce Combo Oct 2014


Brrr suddenly we’re remembering just what winter is like and how much our thoughts turn to filling our insides as outside gets colder and more miserable. We’ve been playing around with ginny food and drink combos and here’s one that … Continue reading