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Fentimans Tonic Oct 2008

Fentimans Botanically Brewed Beverages

Geraldine Coates takes a look at the boutique tonic water that is stirring up G and Ts. Gin and Tonic is as quintessentially English as bacon and eggs or tea and cucumber sandwiches. With the sharp piney flavour of juniper … Continue reading


Gin – good for cooking too! Sep 2008

Juniper and Orange Infused Venison Casserole with Gin Soused Plums

With the Autumn nights drawing in there’s no better way to liven up your evenings than with a dash of gin in your cooking. Juliet Lawrence Wilson shows how versatile an ingredient your favourite tipple can be. Juniper and Orange … Continue reading


Where great thinkers drink… Sep 2008

The Algonquin Hotel, New York City

In the first of an occasional series, Juliet Lawrence Wilson looks at the heyday of one of the world’s most famous watering holes… The Algonquin Hotel, New York City The Algonquin Hotel ­ or “The Gonk”, to the locals ­ … Continue reading


Charlotte Voisey – the best is yet to come Aug 2008

Charlotte Voisey

UK mixologist Charlotte Voisey is taking the USA by storm and she tells Gintime about her Stateside adventures. My favourite time behind the bar is when it is really busy and I am in the zone, where everything is moving … Continue reading


Audrey Saunders – the First Lady of Mixology Aug 2008

Audrey Saunders

Audrey Saunders’s energy is as invigorating as her cocktails. Juliet Lawrence Wilson meets a woman of integrity and passion. “I feel so ashamed just looking at it!” Audrey Saunders is not happy: “My ice machine needs fixing. We had to … Continue reading


Dancin’ and Drinkin’ with Lenny Love Aug 2008

Lenny Love

Miss Martini catches up with cocktail loving, husky voiced, legend, Lenny Love as he prepares for the month long marathon that is the Edinburgh Festival. With his swinging tunes and eclectic style, Lenny Love never fails to get hipsters on … Continue reading


Lipstick, Cocktails and Burlescapes Jun 2008

Miss Lilly White

Miss Lilly White shares her secrets with Miss Martini Describe the atmosphere of one of your Burlescapades evenings. I started Burlescapades because there was nowhere in Edinburgh where grown-ups could get really dressed up, enjoy champagne and cocktails, and see … Continue reading


Peculiarly Potent Cocktails at Tempus Jun 2008

Chris Deacon

Chris Deacon from Tempus in Edinburgh tells Gintime about his explosive new cocktail list. Edinburgh’s a great place for a mixologist to be at the moment. There are loads of great bartenders doing exciting things. When I started out I … Continue reading

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Sean Harrison Jun 2008

Sean Harrison

Sean Harrison is in charge at the UK’s oldest Gin Distillery and is savouring every moment. Juliet Lawrence Wilson meets him. Imagine being given a secret – a big one! Since 1793 only a handful of people have known the … Continue reading


Nick Blacknell- It doesn’t get better! May 2008

Nick Blacknell

Nick Blacknell, Beefeater Brand Director, gives Juliet Lawrence Wilson the low down on Cowboys, Marilyn and his iconic brand. “It’s not a question of there being too many, more like there still aren’t enough!” Some would be tempted to cast … Continue reading