Lowdown on the first Gin Jaunts at the London Gin Club

Review of The London Gin Club by David T Smith This month saw the launch of the Gin Jaunts menu at The Star at Night’s London Gin Club. The London Gin Club was founded in 2012. Membership is free and … Continue reading

What Makes a Gin look like a Gin?

The recent launch of Plymouth Gin’s new packaging has inspired Patience Gould to have a look at the design and packaging trends that prevail in the growing gin firmament. We all know the important role that design and packaging plays … Continue reading

Stories Before Bedtime and a Nice Glass of Hendricks

Following on from the huge success of its opening autumn season, the Criterion Theatre announces the next month of Criterion Presents, a unique programme of events and plays designed to challenge the traditional preconceptions of West End Theatre and cement … Continue reading

Hendricks Celebrates Leap Year with Unusual Courtship Clinics

On the 29th of February each leap year, the normal rules of courtship are reversed, and women may freely pursue and propose to gentlemen of their choice. To celebrate this topsy turvy scenario, Hendrick’s Unusual Month of Reverse Courtship will … Continue reading

The Balloon wins the Hendrick’s Cucumbrella Cup

Genteel spirits, delightfully peculiar cocktail umbrellas and cucumber sandwiches all round at the most anticipated cocktail competition of the year.  Eight leading bartenders from across London were challenged to create a most unusual cocktail umbrella design and cocktail for showcasing … Continue reading