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All Aboard – H.E.R.B.E.R.T. The Hendrick’s Gin Bus Arrives in Edinburgh Aug 2016

The delightful Hendrick’s Gin bus hits the Edinburgh festival next week. And who doesn’t want to climb aboard this unusual Hendrick’s Gin vehicle cunningly disguised as a giant cucumber whose aim is to improve public transport the length and breadth … Continue reading

Caorunn Gin’s New Summer Cocktails Aug 2016

Wow! here are some absolutely delicious summer cocktails from our good friends over at Caorunn Gin guaranteed to make even these rather grey British summer days truly sunny. The new Summer Fruits G&T, Summer Solstice Sangria and Summer BBQ cocktails have … Continue reading

Plymouth Gin’s New Menu at The Refectory Bar Aug 2016

  If any gin lover happens to be in the West Country this summer be sure to check out the Plymouth Gin Distillery’s Refectory Bar in the heart of historic Plymouth. International Brand Ambassador, Sebastian Hamilton-Mudge has devised a new menu with … Continue reading

33 Ways to Jazz Up Your G and T Jun 2016

Now that summer is here and the shops are bursting with amazing fresh ingredients it’s great to get some expert tips on how to transform our G and Ts into something truly spectacular. Cue lovely Simone Caporale, consistently voted one … Continue reading

World Cucumber Day, Hendrick’s Gin and Cats Jun 2016


Well, well, well, who knew that over a third of cats across the globe display an irrational fear of cucumbers. Thank goodness for Hendrick’s Gin then who have stepped in to ensure harmony is restored ahead of World Cucumber Day … Continue reading

Pickering’s Launch Whisky Cask Aged Gins May 2016

Oak aged gins have certainly become a bit of a thing now so it’s refreshing to see a distillery take a radically different approach. Based at Summerhall Distillery in Edinburgh, Pickering’s Gin has created a special marriage between two of … Continue reading

Drinks You Really CAN Make at Home May 2016

As a drinks writer one is always being sent recipes for the most gorgeous cocktails with the helpful advice that these are ‘easy to make at home’. Truth is most of them require tracking down specialist ingredients and also some … Continue reading

How to Build a Gin Brand the Caorunn Way Nov 2015

 Ibolya Bakos the Lowdown From Budapest, Hungary now lives in Glasgow. Global Brand Manager Caorunn Gin and White Spirits MBA, International Business, specialised in marketing (CEU Business School/University of the State of New York) Multinational experience in strategic brand management, … Continue reading

At Last a Proper Bond Martini Oct 2015


The launch of the 24th Bond movie, Spectre, is just round the corner so time to revisit the classic Martini debate. Gin aficianados are naturally a little bit annoyed that in the latest film Mr. James’s drink of choice is … Continue reading

It’s Martini Month with Hendrick’s Gin Oct 2015

Well, well, well, we’ve all recovered from London Cocktail Week and we’re right in the middle of October, recently and quite rightfully designated Martini Month. As you would expect, one of our favourite gins, Hendrick’s, has got a few ideas … Continue reading